Since its creation in 1981, the journal Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East (CSSAAME) has sought to be a forum for empirically grounded, theoretically engaged and politically attuned scholarship about South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. With the recent relocation of its editorship to Columbia University, the editorial collective seeks to renew this commitment and articulate it with the ongoing redefinition of the organization of knowledge occurring through the post-areal and post-disciplinary formations emerging in Western universities as well as the explosive growth of non-Western universities.

The editorial collective recognizes that this is a global and collaborative project and is constantly in search of new ways to facilitate the kind of scholarship necessary to forge new connections between area and theory. The proliferation and popularization of digital technologies have opened up novel spaces for scholarly experimentation and sites for contesting the disciplinary boundaries of the social sciences and humanities especially. With this in mind, the editorial collective has established CSSAAME Borderlines – a new online forum for publishing original, open access scholarship, providing a multimedia complement to the journal and engaging with contemporary issues in a way not possible within the framework of traditional academic publishing. Alongside this free online content, we will continue to link to downloadable copies of articles published in the journal accessible by subscription from Duke University Press and will occasionally feature free, full-length articles from the journal.

If you have comments or inquiries about the website or would like to have your work considered for publication in Borderlines, please e-mail the web editor at webeditor@cssaamejournal.org.

For further information regarding the journal and access to past issues, please visit its website at Duke University Press Journals. All inquiries about the journal can be directed to the editorial office at cssaame@dukeupress.edu.


Senior Editors

Timothy Mitchell

Anupama Rao

Managing Editor

Liz Beasley

Editorial Assistant

Aditi Surie von Czechowski

Members of the Editorial Collective

Lila Abu-Lughod

Partha Chatterjee

Mamadou Diouf

Marwa Elshakry

Siba Grovogui

Kai Kresse

Mahmood Mamdani

Steven Pierce

Christine Philliou

Sheldon Pollock

Kavita Sivaramakrishnan

Rhiannon Stephens