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    Past Futures of Old Media: Gulammohammed Sheikh’s Kaavad: Traveling Shrine: Home

    Over the past decade, Gulammohammed Sheikh has experimented simultaneously with new media and old forms of visual storytelling. In a deliberate extension of his career-long exploration of narrative, autobiography and place-making, Sheikh’s new works directly cite his earlier paintings and return to an archive of art historical references accumulated by the artist over decades. But […]

Highlights from Volume 35:1 (2015)

What Are Human Rights?

Azoulay argues that human rights discourse is based on a separation between a closed past, in which what was robbed is no longer contested because the violent dispossession has been legalized and naturalized, and an indefinite future in which the rights of “everyman,” as it were—the typical protagonist of a common declarations of rights—would not […]

Introduction: A Global Intellectual History of Feminism

In this introduction, Rao discusses the importance of The Birth of Chinese Feminism: Essential Texts in Transnational Theory, edited by Lydia H. Liu, Rebecca E. Karl, and Dorothy Ko, and the resulting Kitabkhana, or book forum. The contributors to the Kitabkhana address The Birth of Chinese Feminism as an inaugural text for two reasons: first, […]