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    Past Futures of Old Media: Gulammohammed Sheikh’s Kaavad: Traveling Shrine: Home

    Over the past decade, Gulammohammed Sheikh has experimented simultaneously with new media and old forms of visual storytelling. In a deliberate extension of his career-long exploration of narrative, autobiography and place-making, Sheikh’s new works directly cite his earlier paintings and return to an archive of art historical references accumulated by the artist over decades. But […]

Highlights from Volume 37:1 (2017)

The Columbia Global Humanities Project

The past fifty years have seen a profound endangerment of the world’s humanities capacity. While the crisis is far from unknown in the United States it is acute across the global south. Columbia University’s Global Humanities Project assembled a group of scholars and administrators to provide preliminary reports on the condition of the humanities in […]

Plastics and Agriculture in the Desert Frontier

Literature on the global agrifood system largely overlooks the role of reclamation of arid and semi-arid lands in the industrialization of horticulture (fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals) worldwide in the neoliberal period. Why has the development and expansion of industrial horticulture synchronized with “greening the desert” policies and narratives? Dixon’s article addresses this question with the […]